What is this project?

This is a photography project which aims to document the disappearing history of houses by natural processes and construction. There’s just something about old abandoned houses that I love to photograph. If those walls could talk I’m sure there would be plenty of stories to tell. I also love photography as it captures a moment in time in which people will relate to in different ways. Photography is also a non-destructive means.

In this project I wish to capture a moment in time which depicts an old or abandoned house as it stands today. Unfortunately we are slowly loosing these gems to the natural aging process, squatters, fire bugs and new developments.

During this process I will photograph the exterior of the building, and if possible some close up photos of what’s left inside. At the end of the project I plan to publish a photo book which showcases these beautiful buildings and share a story or two.

In the process of developing this project to this level I have seen time and time again where I would see a lovely house, then weeks or months later the house is gone. In this time to photograph, scope out more areas we would lose more houses so this is a great opportunity to document them before they are gone forever.

Exact locations will not be disclosed, however on publication of photo book the location will be limited to the town only. This will be an Australia wide photography project. I have been photographing old/abandoned houses for a few years now, but “Project: Old House” kicked off in August 2018. I anticipate the project being run over a couple of years with the book being published soon after.

I also plan to exhibit the work that depicts history captured in a moment of time.

I need your help! If you know of an old house or abandoned building that would suit this project fittingly, please fill in the form below.

As a thank you to those who help, I will have a contributors page in the book with the names of those people. To the many kms traveled and friends having to put up with me stopping and photographing along the way!

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